A dog's immune system

Dogs, like humans, are reliant on their immune system to protect them against illness caused by viruses, bacteria and other illnesses.  A strong immune system acts like a defence system and is therefore important in keeping your dog healthy.  A healthy immune system is reliant on a healthy gut and healthy organs. Dogs, like us, can be impacted by bacteria, viruses, fungal infections but a healthy dog can usually remove toxins from their bodies and fight illnesses and bacteria that attack them.  Using a probiotic and healthy diet has a hugely positive impact on your pets’ immune system.  Many people now use supplements to bolster their pets’ immune system especially with so many bugs and viruses circulating.  The change of seasons can also have an impact on your pets’ immune system as their bodies adjust.  If you are ever concerned that your pet is picking up more illnesses than usual and their immune system isn’t responding as it should then do contact your vet.
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