Does my pet need a dietary supplement?

The term “pet supplement” doesn’t have a strict definition so it can mean a lot of different things and sometimes treats are classed as a supplement.  Usually, supplements comprise vitamins, minerals and trace elements and they come in different forms, tablets, powders and liquids.  Many pet owners look for a supplement for their pet if they have a specific problem such as joint pain or arthritis or a vitamin deficiency, however, other pet owners buy supplements to improve their pet’s general health.

My advice would be to know what is in your supplement and keep treats to only 10% of your pet’s daily intake both for health and weight management.

Our supplement is completely organic and all-natural so is never harmful.  It’s 100% peat and comprises trace minerals including selenium, magnesium and potassium.  It can also be used together with vet-prescribed medicines and other supplements.  It helps with a wide range of health problems but will also improve your pet's overall day-to-day health and healthiness boosting their immune system.  It’s also suitable for all ages from puppies and kittens to those in their later years.

Even experts who often suggest that a balanced and complete diet means that a pet doesn’t need a supplement are now proposing that supplements can be beneficial. From my experience and years of being a pet owner, I would recommend organic and natural as often as possible and have found supplements a great way of helping my pets to live longer lives.  I always look for natural medicines both for myself and my pets although I do take my pets to the vet annually and when problems arise and use vet prescribed medicines when necessary.

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