How can Nature's Moor be suitable for all animals?!

Many people ask us how Nature’s Moor supplement can be good for all types of animals both herbivores and carnivores.

In nature, there isn’t one carnivore that is exclusively a meat-eater. Both cats and dogs regularly feed on grass and other vegetation as part of their normal diet. The same applies to herbivores who will eat lots of insects when grazing in the fields, which they digest quite well and which adds a balance to their diet.

All creatures at one time or another will lick the odd rocks in search of goodies such as salts or other types of minerals, like calcium and many others. You’ll also notice cats and dogs licking or eating mud for the same reason. But, by far the greatest source of minerals will come through their drinking water which generally in nature will contain significant levels of minerals that have washed down from the surrounding areas. 

So, what is it about Nature’s Moor supplement? It is an all-natural substance made up of plant matter decomposed over thousands of years; rich in minerals that contains one of the highest sources of colloidal minerals known to exist; like the watering hole but in a more diverse spectrum that is naturally balanced.

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