My cat is a fussy eater what do I do?

Cats are often picky about what they eat, preferring one brand over another although outdoor cats once out will eat mice, rats and all kinds of tasty treats!  They may also eat grass if something they’ve eaten has upset or made their tummy sore. 

This is perfectly normal. 

Being sick takes a lot of effort and energy for a cat this sometimes makes them more careful about the food you feed them.  Having said that, most cat owners have seen their cat regurgitate food or struggle to throw up a hairball.  This is normal behaviour but if your cat is constantly being sick or won’t eat and that’s unusual then it is something to keep an eye on and always talk to your vet if you are concerned. Any changes in their appetite, the shine, and texture of their coat or their general demeanour are also things to look out for.  As many cats don’t use a litter, it can be hard to check your cat’s poo which can be a tell-tell sign of any problems, too. 

A good way to keep your cat’s digestive system healthy is a dietary pet supplement such as Nature’s Moor that acts as a pre and probiotic keeping the gut healthy and helping to manage the nasty things they may have eaten through their system.

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