Pet diet and behaviour

Pets are all individuals just like humans. Some are more friendly than others and some just like to do their own thing.  Take our family cats, one is completely independent and only socialises with us when he wants to and the other is more like a dog, always at the heart of all the action.  It’s the same with dogs.  One of our family dogs is bossy, the other compliant and loving and the other terrified of her own shadow.  All of our pets have displayed slightly different characteristics even if they’ve been the same or similar breeds.

Just like children the debate about nature v nurture has been raised for pets.  For example, a strong, aggressive breed can behave like a cuddly teddy if shown love and well trained.  The other important factor is diet.  Feed your dog well to the best of your budget and they are likely to behave better – with the proper training, of course.  We have an obligation to give our pets a healthy and balanced diet just like we do our children and ourselves.  Supplements also play their part and it’s always an individual decision.  For us, it’s always been important to stick to organic and natural.  Our pets have a healthy balance of raw and dry food topped up with a mix of carrots and broccoli. For our Labrador, it slows down his eating so it takes longer than 5 seconds to empty his bowl.  He doesn’t even notice that his supplement has been added to his food.

Healthy teeth, stomach and a strong immune system can all be helped by a good diet supported with a supplement or supplements.  Exercise, however, also impacts behaviour because an energetic or aggressive dog will be frustrated and play up if they don’t get enough exercise.  House cats also need to play and use energy chasing toys or climbing or scratching on a scratchpad.  An outdoor cat will regulate their own exercise and come home to eat, sleep and socialise in their own ways.

If you are ever concerned about your pet’s behaviour then do speak to your vet.

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