The best ways to keep your dog healthy

Manage your dog’s weight.  Don’t overfeed your dog and ensure they stay within the healthy range for their breed.  The majority of dogs don’t need a huge amount of food although some breeds are greedy and always ready to eat everything and anything.  Other dogs are fussy eaters and they can be equally tricky in terms of maintaining their weight.  For these dogs, I would recommend praising them when they eat what you put down into their bowl.

Exercise is critical for any dog. A puppy, once fully vaccinated, should not be over-exercised as they grow and develop into a full-grown dog.  Other dogs should be exercised according to their size, it is great for socialising them with other dogs, for building their bond with you their owner and to expend energy for that they are well behaved at home. 

Diet. A balanced diet is an important factor for your puppy and dog. Whether you go for raw food, wet food or dry food according to yours and your pet’s preference, it should be nutritious.  Hold back on too many treats, snacks or human food.

Routine. Always feed your dog or dogs at the same times each and every day whenever you can.

Make your dogs’ food look as tasty as possible.  This doesn’t mean adding sneaky treats so that your dog tries to pick them out but do look for a favourite vegetable to mix in to tempt your fussy eater. For a greedy breed try bulking up the bowl with vegetables so they feel that they are getting more than they are.

Regular vet checks: Do take your pet to the vet at least once a year for an annual check up.

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