What to do when your dog is sick

Dogs are adorable as puppies and loyal, loving pets who blend in with the family.  So, how can we keep our much-loved pets healthy throughout their lives? Here are some of our top tips.

  1. Always focus on feeding a healthy and balanced diet based on what you can afford.  Remember, fresh is always best and no human food.
  2. Your pet also needs plenty of regular exercise ideally off the lead. Dogs are always ready for a walk no matter the weather. 
  3. A dog also needs a routine and a firm hand otherwise they can be cheeky otherwise they’ll be eating shoes, clothing, and anything else that is left around the house!  Training and socialising your pet as a puppy is an important step.
  4. In addition, a pet supplement can be a very important part of your pet’s healthcare regime. 
Our all-natural pet supplement can keep your pet in optimum health and also help your pet to overcome minor tummy troubles, tiredness, and a range of other minor issues including those associated with old age.  
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