Why do dogs suffer from anxiety?

Sometimes it’s hard to know why your pet is anxious unless they’ve always been that way. 

So, what are the signs?  They may be more restless than usual, bark more, yawn more, whimper, cower, hide or lick and chew more than you’ve noticed before or rip their bedding or destroy their toys.

What to do?  Is it a sound, a new routine or a visit from someone new that’s caused the change?  If that’s the case you can try and comfort your pet around the change as much as possible and give them a treat and a cuddle to make them feel protected and hopefully less anxious. Where possible try and keep your pet away from the “issue” that is causing anxiety although this won’t always be possible. If you are leaving your pet alone more and that is causing stress then maybe see if someone can sit with them or walk them while you are out to lessen the anxiety.  If it is separation that’s causing the problem then maybe walking your dog to wear them out before you head off should certainly help.  If they are reacting because suitcases are coming out for a family holiday and they know what’s coming next, cuddles, exercise and reassurance is best. 

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