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Paw-fect Health Bundle

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Save up to 25% on both products by simply purchasing in a bundle!

Key health booster benefits:

+ No additives
+ All the vitamins your doggy needs
+ Acts as a probiotic for a healthy gut
+ Reduces anxiety levels 
+ Improves intestinal health
+ Improves liver and kidney health 
+ Suppresses faeces eating  
+ Aids joint health
+ Improves general health & recovering from illness
+ Increases energy & vitality in older dogs

Key benefits of our Paw-fect balm:

  • Safe to ingest
  • Anti-fungal 
  • Soothes itchy paws and heals dry, cracked noses
  • Odour and irritation free
  • Organic natural ingredients
  • Long lasting

Made from organic shea butter, organic cold pressed coconut oil, locally filtered beeswax and Spanish olive oil.

Can I use this with other supplements I already use?

Yes as it is only made up of natural and organic products. It won't counteract the benefits or effects of prescribed medications or other supplements.  

Storage info

Lasts up to 6 months from time of opening and is stored in a cool dry area away from heat. 

*Please note that this product should not be stored in a refrigerator or any cooling unit*


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